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Jack Russell Terrier

Type: Terrier group; Origin of United kingdom. Also named Parson Russell Terrier used by AKC, BKC.

Height: 12 - 14 inches.

Weight: 13 - 17 lbs.

Coat: Jack Russell/Parson Russell Terriers come in two coat types: smooth and broken. The main difference between the two is the length of the topcoat and the absence or presence of furnishings: the long hair on the extremities.

Description: The working structure, brain and heart of the real Jack Russell Terrier is what gives this terrier the astounding character, athleticism and versatility that make it a great companion.This is a dog that thrives on action and adventure. In the process, he often finds himself in the middle of trouble. He is a true hunter at heart and will explore, wander, chase and dig when he gets a chance. He is very playful and intelligent. He gets along well with children and strangers. He does well with horses, but he may chase cats and is not good with rodents. He may tend to bark and dig. He makes an ideal companion for an active person with a good sense of humor who wants a lot of entertainment-and mischief-in one dog.

Special Needs: Patience and perseverance training, need daily exercise to maintain its shape.

Life Span: 13 - 16 years.

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