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Type: Scenthound; Origin of Great Britain.

Height: There are two varieties; below 13 inches, and 13-16 inches.

Weight: 18-30 lbs.

Coat: Short, dense, smooth and weatherproof.

Description: The Beagle has soft brown or hazel eyes that give away their warm personality but do not reveal their admirable courage and stamina. A truly trustworthy friend can be found in Beagles and they make a great family pet as they are eager to romp and play. Beagles are a good watchdog as they can be trained to hunt. Known as the "singing Beagle," they have a sweet hunting voice, but if left alone may howl. Training will alleviate this problem, and they usually do not howl when inside the house with family. They will adapt well to a home or kennel environment, but new owners should be aware of natural hunting instincts and they should not be left alone for long periods of time. Beagles come in a variety of colors, but usually with white feet and chest, as well as the tip of their tail, with tan and black markings on their backs. They are small and lean,and slightly longer than they are tall. Beagles have ears that naturally droop down. The Beagle also has excellent scenting abilities, as they are of the Hound group, and will follow a scent if given the opportunity. Known for their short stature and sweet disposition, Beagles make excellent companion and hunting dogs. 

Special Needs:  Fenced yard, leashed, socialization and training.

Life Span: 12-15 years.

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