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Type: Companion dog; Origin of Cuba.

Height: 8-11 inches.

Weight: 7-14 lbs., with the ideal being 8-11 lbs. ( Toy Category )

Coat: Long, flat and soft; tufts towards extremities. They have a double coat of long, soft outer hair, and sometimes a curtain of hair over the eyes.

Description: The Havanese is related to the Bichon Frise and may be referred to as the Bichon Havanese or as the Havana Silk dog. They are happy, outgoing, small dog whose temperament and trainability have made them excellent candidates for obedience training. They are shy and slightly aloof with strangers, but warm up to their owners plenty. They are charming, intelligent and sophisticated in appearance. Havanese are alert, making them good watch dog. they have been known to guard children, displaying their loving and devoted personalities. They live long livers, are sturdy in strength, and possess a kind spirit. They attach to their owners easily, making them " fantastic little friends". They have small, but well muscled bodies, covered in profuse soft fur. They can be a bouquet of colors as well, ranging from cream, gold, silver, blue, black and chocolate, which is sometimes called " tobacco brown". They do need moderate grooming, but no trimming or coiffing is required.

Special Needs: Attention and grooming.

Life Span: 14-15 years.

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