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Grooming from a caring and certified professional is vital to your pet's health and well-being.

Every dog, regardless of size, breed, age or coat type, needs to be groomed on a regular basis. The caring professionals at Q Puppies Grooming Salons are available seven days a week and provide an services to ensure your pet is happy, healthy and looks great. 

Professional at Q Puppies Grooming Salons

At Q Puppies Grooming Salons, you'll find the most caring professionals in the industry. We begin by recruiting pet parents who love puppies and, like you, want the best for your pet. Next, our PET Stylists participate in comprehensive training program that certifies them in all areas of customer care and quality, which includes greeting pet and parents; understanding their special needs and offering solutions; minimizing customer wait time and groom turn-around time; walking a customer through the grooming process at Q Puppies; and delivering a consistently high quality groom.

Dog Grooming Tips

Cleaning Dog Ears

You should check your dog's ears periodically. Dogs with droop ears are especially susceptible to fungus, waxy ears, and ear mites. Check them at least weekly. Infected dog ears can lead to further complications. Your dog may cause an ear hematoma by breaking a blood vessel while shaking his head in response to the discomfort.

Clipping Dog Nails

Do it every two to three weeks, so that they get used to the process of dog grooming.

Dog nails have a quick that is visible as a pink darkening in light-colored nails-but is invisible on black dog nails. The quick has a nerve and blood supply; if you clip into the quick, the nail will bleed and the dog will experience pain. Clip dark colored nails in several small cuts to reduce the chance of cutting into the quick.

Hair Brushing Dogs

Brushing dogs is the most time intensive part in dogs grooming. Do not press too hard with your wire slicker brush to avoid scraping the skin and giving your dog brush burn. If you encounter a mat, hold the mat close to the skin, insert the end of tooth of the comb into the mat, and try working the mat loose. If this is not possible i would consider to cut out a mat than cause the dog any unnecessary pain. Once your dog is matt-free, comb down to the skin. Always brush or comb your dog against the lay of the coat. You'll be surprised at how fluffy the coat will look.

Bathing Dogs

Bathing dog outdoors in warm weather may be the best place, because it is the messy part in dog grooming. Use a mild dog shampoo and start bathing dog's body and legs. The dogs head should be shampooed last, paying particular care to ensure that no shampoo gets into his eyes, ears, and nose. Cover the dog ears with your hand while pushing the head down. You can try using cotton in the ears, or cover the ear hole with your thumb while bathing the dog. Leave the shampoo three or four minutes on the dog and then rinse, rinse, rinse. This removing of the shampoo is the most important part in bathing dogs.When you are done bathing, towel dries the dog by blotting and pressing the towel against the coat. Once again, comb the coat through before drying to make sure there are no tangles or mats.

Dry Blowing Dogs 

Dry one area at a time, don't jump around. Make sure all the coat is separated and dry to the dog's skin. Don't forget to dry the bottom of the paws. When drying the head try not to direct the airflow directly into the dogs ear hole or the eyes.

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