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Yorkshire Terrier

Type: Companion Dog; Origin of Great Britain

Height: 6 - 9 inches.

Weight: 3 - 7 lbs. They should not exceed 7 lbs.

Coat: Glossy, fine and silky.

Description: The Yorkshire Terrier is a long-haired toy terrier whose blue and tan coat is parted on the face and from the base of the skull to the end of the tail and hangs evenly and quite straight down each side of the body. They are a small and well-balanced breed, having square proportions. They have naturally erect ears, a black nose, and a flat and small skull. The puppies of Yorkshire Terriers are born black and tan, but soon gain more adult colors as they get older. Newborn Yorkshire Terriers are born black in color with tan on the eyebrow, jaws, chest and feet. They are fully mature in two years. The Yorkie (Yorkshire Terrier) is one of the world's smallest dogs and should not exceed 7 lbs in weight. Yorkshire Terriers may be tiny but they are a big-dog in a little-dog package. The Yorkie is an intelligent and confident pet. They are spirited and spunky, affectionate and lively. Although small, they are still terriers! They can be scrappy, courageous and assertive. They get along with everyone, but they may get nippy if not trained or socialized correctly. Yorkshire Terriers are compact in size, sweet in nature and cheerful in character.

Special Needs: Dental care, grooming, socialization, supervision with children and large animals, and training.

Life Span: 12 -15 years.

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