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Type: Zuchon is a mix of Shih Tzu and Bichon Frise.  Also known by the names of Shichon and Teddy Bear Zuchon.

Height: 9-12 inches.

Weight: 5-15 lbs.

Coat: It’s due to it fluffy coat that the Zuchon is mistaken for a teddy bear! This breed has long flowing, soft fur that is either curly or silky. Coats can be found in a range of colors: black and white, silver or gray, tan or cream, or any combination of these colors. You may even find coats in chocolate brown, red, apricot, and red/apricot and black. Another plus: this breed is non-shedding!

Description: The Zuchon is a robust, well-proportioned, and hardy little breed and despite their small stature, they possess a sweet disposition. They are most commonly known for their teddy bear like appearance and is their most distinctive characteristic. The Zuchon has similar facial features to the Poochon with a slightly shorter face than the Bichon while being longer than the flat faced ShihTzu. They have a rounded skull with short to medium length ears. The fur on the face of a Zuchon can be clipped short to give them a quick and easy cut or it can be clipped to look like a fuzzy faced teddy bear.

Special Needs:  Exercise, Training.

Life Span: 15-18 years.

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